7th Aug, 2018

STRAKS 7 for 7: Edition 5

Welcome to the Fifth edition of the STRAKS 7 for 7.

For those new to the STRAKS 7 for 7 we are using this update as a platform for keeping relevant topics easily accessible that will serve to brief new community members of key STRAKS information instantly and to inform and maintain dialogue with our dedicated and passionate existing follower base.

Note that key announcements in relation to the project will continue be made ad-hoc and via relevant media channels.

STRAKS 7 for 7 Weekly Recap

This last week we released details on STRAKS Incubator:

the goal of STRAKS Incubator is to provide barrier-free access to cryptocurrency capital resources for new projects.

We have posted further details on https://straks.tech/insight/
the Project outline is here: https://straks.co/t/project-straks-incubator/468
Review the Roadmap here: https://straks.co/t/roadmap-straks-incubator/471

A full press release will be sent to media outlets later this week.

Product Updates/Releases in the previous weeks

Electrum-STAK Wallet 3.1.3 has been released and is available for download.

gitlab repo is located here.

Release Notes

  • Qt GUI: seed word auto-complete during restore
  • Android: fix some crashes
  • performance improvements (wallet, and Qt GUI)
  • hardware wallets: show debug message during device scan
  • Digital Bitbox: enabled BIP84 (p2wpkh) wallet creation
  • add regtest support (via --regtest flag)
  • other minor bugfixes and usability improvements
  • STRAKS blockchain specific modifications
  • Detailed release notes…

Electrum-STAK Merchant Add-on is now available and ready for integration with the current release of Electrum-STAK 3.1.3

gitlab repo is located here:

This add-on extends Electrum-STAK to simplify communication with the STRAKS Blockchain allowing merchants to integrate their e-commmerce solution with STRAKS.

SONO exchange will be launching August 28th, 2018. STRAKS will be immediately available for trading when they launch. The STRAKS team wants to give a big thank you to the team at SONO for your support!
Website: https://sonox.io
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2105778.0
BLOG: https://blog.projectsono.io

STRAKS Translation Platform

The STRAKS Translation Platform was slated to be finished last week! However, an unforeseen delay has caused this to slip by just a few more days. The custom translation platform will allow community members to contribute to our ongoing efforts to localize the STRAKS Project while simplifying the bounty rewards associated with the translations. All the features have been completed, and the platform is going through the first round of functionality testing. The Bounty Rewards for ongoing translations are being finalized and will be announced when the platform is completed.

Other NOTABLE Dates & Releases:
WHMCS Payment Plugin released July 20th, 2018!
The STRAKS plugin for WHMCS is a payment gateway module that allows for STRAKS Payments to be accepted by Web Hosting Providers that utilize WHMCS!

Who is WHMCS?
WHMCS is the #1 Choice in Web Hosting Automation!!

The Plugin is available at: https://lab.straks.co/straks/STRAKS-WHMC-Payment-Gateway

BLOCK DX added support for STRAKS on July 19th, 2018!
Visit BLOCK DX at: https://www.blocknet.co/block-dx/

MyCryptoCheckout integration completed on July 13th, 2018

Let us know if you are a merchant accepting payments through
Get the plugin at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mycryptocheckout/

STRAKS-POS was released on June 2nd, 2018
Github: https://github.com/straks/strakspos

STRAKS Paper Wallet Generator was released on May 20th, 2018

STRAKS Android Wallet was released on May 24th, 2018 and is available on the Google Play Store

About The Organization:
STRAKS was founded in November, 2017, the STRAKS cryptocurrency, is a decentralized open-source, community oriented cryptocurrency, that is secured through Proof of Work with Masternode support. STRAKS trades under the symbol STAK. More information regarding STRAKS can be found at https://straks.tech

For press inquiries email: [email protected]

STRAKS Community Links:
Website: https://straks.tech
Twitter: https://twitter.straks.tech/
Facebook: https://facebook.straks.tech/
Discord: https://discord.straks.tech/
Bitcointalk ANN thread: http://tiny.cc/STRAKS
Reddit: https://reddit.straks.tech/
Telegram: https://telegram.straks.tech/
STRAKS Forum: https://straks.co/

STRAKS TOOLS (not mentioned above)
STRAKS Core Wallet: https://github.com/straks/straks/releases

Other Resources
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/straks/
Masternodes Online: https://masternodes.online/currencies/STAK/
Masternodes Pro: https://masternodes.pro/stats/stak
CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/straks
Coinlib: https://coinlib.io/coin/STAK/Straks
Crypto-Coinz: https://www.crypto-coinz.net/coin-info/?100-Straks-STAK-Lyra2v2-calculator/
WhatToMine: https://whattomine.com/coins/240-stak-lyra2rev2